The area included in this itinerary is called Alpago, a basin almost completely surrounded by the Bellunes Alps and characterized by the presence of the Lake of Santa Croce, the largest lake in the Veneto region after Lake Garda, and the Cansiglio Forest.

This area is plenty of historical sites and museums, such as the Alchemist House Museum in Tambre, one of the rare examples of dwellings devoted to the mysterious practice of Alchemy, and the Museum of Natural History in Chies d’Alpago where, among the other things, the visitors can find glass and bronze cinerary urns dating from the 1st to the 4th century A.D.

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Eastern part of the Province of Belluno

Alchemist House Museum – Tambre (BL)

The House Museum is one of the rare examples of dwellings devoted to the mysterious practice of Alchemy. Legend has it that the house belonged to a nobleman condemned to death in Alexandria (Egypt) for alchemical practices and that he took refuge, thanks to the intervention of the Republic of Venice, right here in Alpago.

Museum of Natural History – Chies D’alpago (Bl)

The Museum of Natural History was conceived 25 years ago by Ivan Fossa, a naturalist of Puos d’Alpago, and holds interesting collections and artefacts representing all of the sections of the Natural Sciences relating to the Alpago Basin and the entire Province of Belluno. Among the artefacts the visitors can find a jaw of an Odontocet (an animal similar to a dolphin which inhabited the ancient Alpago sea) and some Roman objects.